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NCC -  Developers



NCC - Developers 

THE DEVELOPERS are special oxidizing emulsions made to be used with the color system and bleaching powders of the Natural Choice Colors.

They have a double action. Lighten up the pigment cells and at the same time "develop" the pigments contained in the coloring product. 

THE DEVELOPERS' blend is a creamy formula which does not strain during laying time. 


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Mc2 - Invigorating Therapy

 acid pH 4,0 for a correct alcalinity balance 
 5 levels lightening up with natural hair

 2 levels lightening up with colored hair

 5 vol % available
      6 / 12 / 20 / 30 / 40

Mc2 - Invigorating Therapy
Enriched with protective, polishing and detangling substances which balance the pH and protect scalp during laying time.
Available size: 1000 ml  
Mc2 - Invigorating Therapy

 see technical manual