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  • 2015 - Hair Toners

    Tecna introduces the Hair Toners: a line of direct tonalizers in a conditioning base.

    They perform two different actions on hair that has been processed with a bleaching or high color lifting.

    The new technology of direct pigments guarantees a better adhesion on damaged and porous hair and a careful control on the RPC (residual pigment in hair) for 4-6 shampoos.

  • 2014 - Precious Skin

    A sensual foam, that coming in touch with water, cleanses the body gently respecting the natural hydration thanks to the Sacha Inchi Oil and Vitamin E that restructure and

    protect sensitive, dehydrated and dry skin.

  • 2014 - Natural Colour Care

    Tecna introduces Natural Colour Care, an instant coloring treatment in an acid pH conditioning base for coloring of

    natural hair or to keep and/or refresh a cosmetic hair color.

  • 2014 - Cajeput

    With Cajeput, our slogan “We Care” is extended to the entire body. A line of intimate wash and body deodorant as a result of Tecna’s experience in scalp therapies, phyto-therapies and aroma-therapies.

    A line without Parabens, Sulphates and Artificial Chemical Fragrances.

  • 2013 - LMZ Stylish & Black Edition

    LMZ changes its style: an elegant white packaging for 9 fluids and 5 sprays to enhance your styling.

    The most valued products of LMZ dress in black: Body 8 - Sleek Gel - Glow! A packaging for collectibles!

  • 2013 - Integro

    Tecna introduces a new way to conceive the technical hair treatment in-salon! Integro: a system based on customized hair treatments through the blending of three formulas and

    two specific enhancing products to obtain a specific formula for each single client.

  • 2012 - Make Up

    Tecna creates a new thrilling coloring line: it is a direct coloring that instantly creates dynamic and personalized color effects.

    Let your creativity out with the new Color Primer!

  • 2012 - Teabase Mud

    Tecna develops 3 rich Mud formulations for a wellness experience for every skin’s need. The MUDs of the Teabase Line are rich in minerals that revitalize the skin’s metabolism

    and give it nourishing elements with anti-aging effect.

  • 2012 - Fashion Lab

    Tecna launches Fashion Lab: the latest Tecna line that puts the importance to be unique to foreground with 4 different personalities: Rock - Pinup - Sensual - City.

  • 2011 - K-Factor

    Tecna introduces a new line: K-FACTOR

    A line studied to efficiently fight against effects of hair deterioration caused by external agents both chemical or physical.

    A powerful instrument that helps fighting hair’s  signs of aging and of damages; it easily  reconstructs the hair structure with a long lasting effect.

  • 2011 - Keratin Bleach

    Tecna launches Keratin Bleach: a bleaching product with a keratin base to be used with every type of bleaching method. Thanks to the new “cream formula” the product is dense and creamy, it does not strain and it does not solidify

    during laying time.It is very easy to use and the blend results in a smooth cream that can be applied with foils, spatula or bleaching caps.

  • 2010 - Diet Pro

    Tecna launches DIET/PRO: the first ecologically pure line that promises and reaches highly professional results without polluting the user’s organism.

    A complete treatment (cleanser, conditioner, bodifying lotion) that is a real innovation for a conscious beauty.

  • 2010 - Amoreterapia

    Tecna launches Amoreterapia: a line that was created to fight hair aging. Specific for long and medium-long hair that has been previously treated.

    A special treatment line for porous and difficult hair that lost its natural smoothness and shine.

  • 2009 - Mc2

    Tecna launches the anti hair loss therapy based on "GP4G" and 6 substance which had never been used before all together in one formula. MC2 includes a special integrating

    element which has a reinforcing action from the inside. This line contains specific treatments for both men and women.

  • 2009 - NCC Acid Elisir

    Tecna is the very first company in the world introducing a color system which acts and oxidizes in the acid and alkaline field. The operator may personalize the dying product

    considering the real needs of a client's hair deciding also on the ph to apply.


  • 2008 - Colour Keeper

    Tecna introduces a specific therapy for colored hair with an exclusive acid formula which maintains the artificial pigment composition unchanged, stabilizing the results for a

    long-lasting time.. An irreplaceable help for the operator and for the final client.

  • 2006 - iPro - Nutritherapy

    Tecna introduces in its range of "safe ingredients" the Karité Butter (Shea Butter)  for astonishing results in “two-purpose”

    treatments for hair and body. The first treatment for a global nourishment was born.

  • 2004 - ABT

    Tecna creates the line ABT - "light" body care products; their formula is based on essential oils and hydration therapies for the body rebalancing the natural skin pH.

  • 2002 - HH Formula

    Tecna creates a line which balances the hair hydration; a formula based on Olive Oil and saccharides for dry and treated hair that are dry and dehydrated due to a “lack” of water.

  • 2001 - ECS -Ecological Concept Salon

    Tecna is the first company in Italy to introduce the Bio Natural Salon: "Ecological Concept Salon". The first group of


    hairdressers in Italy transforming the own salons into a “Hair Wellness Centre”

  • 2001 - Pure Bleach

    Tecna is the first company to introduce the Pure Bleach on the market - a bleaching powder without ammonia able to


    light up from 5 to 7 levels using a developer with a max. of 6%  (20 Vol.).

  • 2000 - Teabase Aromatherapy

    Tecna creates this specific treatment line with the exclusive concept of Aromatherapy and above all the use at 360° of the

    essential oil of Alternifolia, the so called Tea Tree Oil together with other 11 essential oils and 8 vitamins.

  • 1999 - SPA Enzymetherapy

    Tecna is the first company who realizes a reconstruction system for hair based on the hair's components and including

    the exclusive ingredient Co-Enzyme Q10 to improve the already extraordinary technical results.

  • 1997 - Natural Texture

    Tecna introduces a professional line for a permanent shaping of hair without Thio Acid and without Ammonia.

  • 1995 - Natural Choice Color

    Tecna revolutionized the professional cosmetic market reinventing a coloration without Ammonia, without allergy causing exhalations and without added fragrances.

    A perfect coverage of grey hair and an optimal lightening of natural and previously  colored hair - without having to use a covering natural base.

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