A specific line against hair loss. Especially recommended during stressing periods.

Formulation with Caffeine, Tea Tree Oil, Linden, Patchouli, Proteins and the special Energy Complex GP4G. Creates a solid base for a healthy hair growth.


Anti-loss prevention


Creates progressively an optimal base for a healthy hair growth.

Gives volume and leaves hair clean for a long time.

Makes hair stronger.

Detoxifying Complex

Detoxifying Complex - detoxifying complex for your scalp

Glycolic Acids hygienical treatment, studied for the cells’ renewal action. Restores and maintains the scalp in normal physiological conditions and prepares it  for the specific essentials treatments.


Instructions: Apply on scalp and massage with circular  movements. Leave in a few minutes, do not rinse  and apply the specific shampoo.  Gently massage and rinse.


Available Size: 100 ml

Invigorating Shampoo

For thinning out hair or for particularly stressful periods. Formulated with exclusive active ingredients like: Caffeine, TeaTree Oil, Linden, Patchouli, Proteins and the special active Energy Complex GP4G. It effectively eliminates toxins from hair and scalp creating an optimal base for a healthy hair growth.


Instructions: Apply on wet hair and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat and leave in for few minutes. Rinse.


Available Sizes: 250 ml


Invigorating Shampoo - Anti Hairloss Shampoo

Aromatic Conditioner

Aromatic Conditioner - Hydrating Conditioner for Scalp

Extra gentle moisturizing fluid is designed with rich botanicals, herbs and humectants to relieve scalp tightness and dryness. It hydrates excessively dry, brittle, and chemically treated hair with healthy looking body and instant shine. This special formula replenishes moisture for greater elasticity, manageability and shine.


Instructions: Massage into wet hair after shampooing. Leave in for 3/5 minutes. Rinse  thoroughly


Available Sizes: 75 - 150 ml


Invigorating Treatment

Ultra-intensive strengthening therapy for fragile, thinning out hair. Stimulates the microcirculation and increases hair’s strength and density. Enriched with the purest extracts of Ginseng, Vitamin E, Caffeine, Hydrolyzed KeratinBiotin, Proteins and the extra nourishing GP4G Complex. Emergency Therapy against  hair loss due to stress or pathological causes.


Instructions: Apply  directly on scalp and massage gently until absorption. Do not rinse. Can be applied on dry or wet hair. Intensive Therapy: Alternate days for two weeks. Maintenance and Preventive Therapy: twice a week for one month. Repeat the Therapy every 3 months.


Available Size: 150 ml

Invigorating Treatment - Trattamento Anti Caduta

Invigorating MUD

Invigorating MUD - Dead Sea Mud for Hair Loss problems

Dead Sea Mud is rich in minerals that revitalize the cutaneous metabolism. They give nourishment to skin and they have a high anti-age effect. Stimulates new hair and strengthens existing hair. It avoids atrophy and precocious aging of the follicle and inhibits the alpha-reductase. Rich in essential oils with aromatherapy characteristics and proteins that give strength and protection to the hair structure.


For Professional Use Only


Available Size: 250 ml


Tea Tree Oil Essence

Tea Tree Essential Oil has exceptional anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  The first studies date back to the 20’s when its high antiseptic properties were first confirmed. This oil has been scientifically recognized and prescribed for treatments of nasopharyngitis infections as well as to treat gynaecological and mycosis problems.


In 1987, the Australian Government formally recognized the beneficial qualities of the  "Tea Tree Oil", and it has, since then, been  registered by the “Food and Drug Administration” of the United States as a “Natural Antiseptic Oil and natural Germicide and Fungicide”.


How to Use


SHAMPOO  - add 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil to reinforce the disinfectant properties. Excellent sebum balancing and antimycotic action.


PURE - in case of cold,  sores, itching, grazing, mosquito bites, small wounds, mouth ulcers, candida, nail fungus.


LOTION - 10 drops on the scalp together with the Teabase Complex in case of dandruff, dermatitis, seborrhea. Helpful against hair loss.


AROMA - 5/10 drops in an aroma diffuser, in a warm bath, in the radiator for use it for an antibacterial and  antiviral action in the prevention of flu and cold.


DEPRESSION -  A great “pick me up” for the nervous system in case of tiredness, mental stress, mild depression status. especially for people with a weak immunity system and/or immunological depression.


FLU/COLD – breath in 1 or 2 drops directly from your hand or from a tissue to clear the breathing apparatus.


Available Size: 12,5 ml


Tea Tree Oil - Anti Bacterial and Anti-inflammatory properties
GP4G Icon


The GP4G complex, when applied on scalp, stimulates the vital functions and the production of Keratin that is essential for hair’s health and strength.
Ginseng Icon


Increases hair’s resistance and improves the microcirculation. Antioxidant action.
Caffeine Icon


Improves hair growth at the roots. Stimulates microcirculation through a direct influence on hair’s metabolism.
Tea Tree Oil icon

Tea Tree Oil

Exceptional antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti fungal qualities.
Essential Oils icon

Essential Oils

A complex of 12 Essential Oils that rebalance and tone up scalp and hair.
Vitamin Icon


8 Antioxidant vitamins to improve the nourishment of scalp and hair.
Proteins Icon

Hydrolyzed Proteins

Hair becomes stronger and keep styling and color for longer time.
Vegetal Extracts Icon

Botanical Extracts

Balance and hydrate scalp and give new elasticity.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids - Cosmetic Use

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

They transport the toxins from the inside up to the level of the hydrolipidic mantle; these acids help eliminating the toxins through the specific cleanser.

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