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100% Made in Italy

The Made in Italy certification is for Tecna a natural point of arrival to certify the absolute authenticity and company’s ethical approach that already started 20 years ago. In detail, this certification confirms that all Tecna products are entirely manufactured in Italy and are realised with pure Italian

formulas processed with high quality  and first choice natural ingredients and that all formulations and projects are exclusively owned by Tecna; all manufacturing processes are handcrafted according to the typical Italian traditions.


Tecna produces a real, original and certified Italian Product

Tecna Logo Small

We at Tecna believe that every individual’s health

is strictly combined to our environment.

Rigorously MADE IN ITALY, to the highest of standards Tecna proudly extends across the globe to over 18 countries worldwide.

Cosmetics produced with high technological knowhow and carefully sourced organic components all gravitate towards a common objective: beauty and wellness for both client and the professional hairstylist.

Tecna is the original and unsurpassed leader in Respectful haircare manufacturing.


Since the beginning we believed in a better way, one that involves enhancing the quality of the product and improving Salon lifestyle.


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