Discover Tecna Mystic Care! A complete Cannabis Sativa Oil Treatment set to take care of your Hair!


The 6 specific products Mystic Care are the ideal choice to protect your hair from sun exposure, all day, all year!

The line Mystic Care is exclusively sold at Tecna Authorized Salons as the best advice is always given by an expert in beauty.


The products Mystic Care are Paraben-Free and SLS-Free.

Sun Protection for Hair and Body


Gives hair elasticity and avoids breakage when blow drying or brushing

Anti-Fading action and protection of coloured hair

Strengthening action on bleached hair (anti-breakage)

Thermal Shock protection - in case of excessive use of flattening irons

Mystic Cleanser

Sun Shampoo with Cannabis Sativa Oil

Anti Dryness Cleanser for hair and body. Hydrates hair and regenerates skin making it soft and perfumed. Ideal for frequent use.


Instructions: massage gently on wet hair and body. Rinse and repeat if necessary.


Available Size: 250 ml

Vision Conditioner

A daily hydrating treatment; regenerates and revitalizes hair and skin. Gives a pleasant smoothness and the special UV filters protect hair color from fading.


Instructions: massage well into damp hair. Leave in for 3-5 minutes and rinse out thoroughly.


Available Size: 250 ml


Sun teatment with cannabis sativa oil for hair

Redemption Treatment

Sun Treatment with Cannabis Sativa oil for Hair

A powerful regenerating concentrating treatment enriched with anti-stress nourishing substances. Improves hair quality and deeply regenerates hair making it smooth and shiny.


Instructions: massage into wet hair and leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly.


Available Size: 150 ml


Divine Fluid

A protective fluid that is to  be applied all day. Gives protection from salt and chlorine water and it is to be applied as a protection before blow drying. It keeps hair smooth and shiny for a long time.


Instructions: apply on dry or damp hair before bathing - or - on damp hair before blow drying and proceed with styling.


Available Size: 200 ml


sun protection fluid with cannabis sativa oil

Holy Cream

Holy cream - Sun protection Cream for Hair with Cannabis Sativa Oil

Non-Greasyprotection cream to maintain hair’s hydration. It creates a protection shield that protects hair, keeps smoothness and prevents hair dehydration.

Can also be used as a finishing product to create a Beach Look.


Instructions: apply on dry or damp hair before bathing or styling.


Available Size: 150 ml

Salvation Oil

Monoi oil in drops: multiplies hair shine and nourishment - before and after blow drying or after the shampoo, before the treatment. It instantly improves the hair fibre filling up all porosities of damaged hair. A pleasant scent will accompany you throughout the summer.


Instructions: apply on dry or humid hair….. Always!



Available Size: 30 ml


monoi oil - Protective Oil for hair with Cannabis Sativa Oil


Monoi icon

Cannabis Sativa

Hydrating and protecting oil; empowers elasticity and hydration. Extremely scented

icona Malachite


Protection element against damages that are caused by UVA and UVB rays; natural antioxidant.

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