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Tecna Philosophy

Established in 1995, Tecna sped to a rapid success thanks to a respectful synergy between Technology and Nature.

A visionary and forward focused approach has positioned Tecna as a market leader setting the pace in the Bio-Ethical hair care market.

Tecna’s philosophy is a heart-felt concept that respects people and the environment, tenaciously seeking the highest quality as a benchmark for all company choices: quality

ingredients, quality results, quality lifestyle… because only quality breeds excellence.


Our mission is to reinforce a “ Bio-Ethical” Principle that is governed by Respect and Quality. Respect for people, respect for the environment and respect for the quality of the product we produce and distribute across the globe.

WE CARE… and its safe to say we always will.

Tecna Logo Small

Tecna follows the sustainability

Tecna uses plants from renewable cultivations that do not impoverish our planet’s resources.

We choose biodegradable ingredients and sources processing environment low-impact formulations inspired by ancient medicinal remedies.

Our packagings and merchandising are made respecting innovative and ecological solutions because nature is our greatest resource and inspiration and we have chosen to respect it.


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