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In this website you will find the answers to all your questions about professional hair cosmetics: Tecna Italia formulates and offers to the professionals and to the final consumer a complete range of products and treatments taking care of beauty and health.

Tecna was born to solve problems referred to Hair and Scalp offering the correct instruments for the maximum expression of beauty.


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We Care about Hair

Tecna Italia was established in 1995. Its philosophy is based on the bio-natural concept. This philosophy takes care of the client's and the operator's health. The naturalistic concept is the guideline for hair care.

Our mission is to make the client's wishes come true and even to foresee them; taking care consciously of the client's global wellness with the right method.

Care and philosophy are the fundamental values Tecna Italia built its relationship with the market. We have chosen to be an ethical company and the human being is our main concern and  respect is an indispensable value.


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“We believe in our cause…. just like you, we want the best”

Tecna products are ecologically controlled and ergonomic as they are composed of ingredients from organic origin.


Tecna products are safe as the company’s policy is based, since the initial process of all projects,  on the concept of complete satisfaction and wellness of both the hairdresser and the final client.


For Tecna every product is the synthesis of a technical content that grows between the hairdresser and the final client. In fact, it is when the product gets to the public, that the quality is proved.

Every product has to be easy and pleasant to use to achieve a sensation of pleasure and wellness.


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Keep in Touch

Tecna is always available: send us a simple message and we will be glad to reply to your questions. Alternatively, you may use below contact details:

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Tecna Italia Srl



Via Ardeatina km 22,300

00040 Pomezia - Loc. Santa Palomba

Rome - Italy


Telephone:+039 0679841074

Email: info (at) tecnaprofessional.eu


VAT NUMBER: IT 04823881000

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