Antiage treatment for your hair

AmoreTerapia is a “smart solution” to all problems related to the different stadiums of hair aging: natural aging or aging caused by thermal instruments or chemical processes.


Especially formulated for treated, porous and difficult  medium-long and long hair that has lost its natural smoothness.


AmoreTerapia is a concentrate of Wellness and Nourishment that turns back time and restores an optimal condition of hair. An efficient action where it is most needed.


AmoreTerapia cleanses, nourishes, rejuvenates, hydrates.



Long lasting hydration

Repairs and protects against keratin aging

Stronger and smoother hair

Protects against external aggressions

Sensual fragrance

Sensual Time Reverse Daily Shampoo

Amoreterapia Shampoo - Remedy for Stressed and aged hair

Intense regeneration for hair stressed by  thermal and chemical treatments. A perfect solution against structure aging. The pleasant blend of Passion Fruit and Ginseng is an immersion in a sublime comfort zone and promote a moisture-rich cleansing experience.

An exclusive modern formula of natural anti-ageing elements, botanical extracts and keratin amino-acids to penetrate quickly into the hair and to achieve a proper moisture balance and a long lasting younger looking hair with amazing results. Additional nutrition factors repair the hair structure and give strength and natural shine. Color-safe formula.


Instructions: shake well before use. Apply on wet hair  and massage to mid-lengths and ends. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary


Available Size: 250ml

Sensual Time Reverse Ultra Rich Cream

Intense regeneration for hair stressed by  thermal and chemical treatments. A perfect solution against structure aging. Penetrating amino acids derived from botanical sources, botanical extracts and  proteins help to promote an optimal hair conditioning. A  unique experience with Passion Fruit and Ginseng exciting and calming  the senses. Incredible softness and shine for a long lasting, healthy hair style. Color-safe formula.


Instructions: Apply on towel-dry hair and work through to the end. Leave in for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly


Available Size: 150ml


Amoreterapia - Remedy Treatment for Stressed and Aged Hair


Passion Fruit Icon

Passion Fruit

Nourishes, repairs and makes hair extremely shiny.

Ginseng Icon


Revitalizing action for stronger and more resistant hair.

Phyto Keratin Icon

Phyto Keratin

Keeps hair hydrated and reinforces the hair structure.

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