Intimate Wash based on Cajeput and Tea Tree Oil

Cajeput Probiotic Intimate wash and DEO 24 H are the respectful way to cleanse delicate areas of the body and to neutralize unpleasant body odours without altering the natural balance of skin.


Thanks to the Probiotics in the Cajeput line, the natural “good bacteria” film on the skin is not only maintained but fortified. Essential oils such as Cajeput and Tea Tree, infused


in a mother tincture of Marigold, Mallow and officinalis plants all aid in fighting the bad bacteria and infection that cause irritation and unpleasant odour.


The result is a delicate hygiene routine that respects our body’s natural balance while providing effective results.


Suitable for

Intimate and underarm hygiene

Foot Hygiene

After Workout

Bacterial Skin Infections

Acne and Pimples

Hand Hygiene

Probiotic Intimate Wash

Cajeput - Probiotic Wash - anti bacterial Intimate Wash

Antibacterial cleansing treatment that eliminates unpleasant odours and protects from bacteria. Gently cleans skin with no aggressions, leaving a pleasant freshness for all day.


Instruction: Gently Wash your body. Rinse Abundantly.


Available Size: 200 ml


Probiotic DEO 24h

Antibacterial Deodorant that neutralises unpleasant odors for 24 Hours and leaves skin soft and soothed, thanks to its special cosmetic formula, for a long lasting freshness experience.


Instructions: After your shower, spray on underarms area. Do not rinse.


Available Size: 100 ml


Cajeput - Probiotic Deo - Antibacterial Deodorant with cajeput and tea tree oil


Tea Tree Oil icon

Tea Tree Oil

Exceptional antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti fungal properties.
Cajeput Icon


Antiseptic, expectorant, carminative and anti-pain properties.
Probiotics Icon


So-called “Good Bacteria” that strengthen the good bacteria already existing on our skin.
Mauve Icon


Helpful against bacterial problems of the urinary tract. Has an anti-inflammatory action on the mucous.
Calendula Icon


Relief against redness, inflammations e disorders during the menstrual cycle. Soothing, hydrating and decongestant action.
Vegetal Extracts Icon


Help fighting against irritations and bad odours.
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