Wood Brushes for your hair

Tecna has chosen TEK as partner for designing a set of brushes in wood where nature is the main actor.

The colors of wood, its natural grain, its smell and the pleasant touch give a high preciousness to our sensorial awareness.

Wood has been an attractive element since the discovery of fire and it creates a direct connection with our origins.


TEK produces wood brushes following a semi-handicraft production chain and a strict ethical code: since the beginning they respect the eco-environmental system and a responsible development policy: no deforestation thanks to the 100% FSC PURE certification.

In all production processes, no harmful substances or petroleum  derivatives are used. Even the pneumatic part of the brushes is made of pure natural gum


Why chose a TEK Brush?


The antistatic TEK brush is made of only natural materials: the handle and the brush teeth are made of fine FSC certified wood and the pneumatic support is made of natural gum.

TEK is the Natural answer for the health of our hair. To clean the brush please use only lukewarm water and soap.


Why Shall we use a TEK Brush?








TEK Brush for long hair

Wood Antistatic brush for long hair

This brush is designed for long and very long hair.

Its particular long teeth guarantee a perfect and volumizing brushing. Its large rectangular form allows to brush a great quantity of hair at the time: perfectly antistatic it is the perfect instrument for always perfect hair styles.

TEK Brush for all hair lengths

The large oval brush is defined as “universal” and it suitable for all hair lengths.

Ideal for the whole family; it guarantees a pleasant brushing and an energizing massage of the scalp activating the blood circulation. Its anatomic oval form makes it suitable for all head forms.

wood antistatic brush for all hair lengths

TEK Brush for short hair

wood antistatic brush for short hair

The small rectangular brush is particularly designed for short or very short hair, also for men.

It does not have a big surface and it is easy to handle and suitable for brushing during blow drying. Ideal to give a shape to bangs and short locks. For men it is a precious instrument to have always a proper look.


TEK Brush  - travel size

Our clients love this small brush - same high qualities of the big ones, concentrated into a small size brush.

Ideal for a lady’s bag.

wood antistatic brush - travel size

TEK wood comb for straight hair

wood comb for straight hair

The wooden comb is functional and essential to easily comb through and eliminate all hair knots. Its teeth that have a round shape, do not damage the hair structure. The comb is composed of two assembled wood parts with opposed grain so that the comb does not change its shape and form when coming in contact with water.

It is the perfect comb for a homogenous distribution of hair conditioners and masks; its ergonomic handle is designed to make these kind of operations easier.


Wood Tek Comb for curly hair

This  antistatic comb with reduced dimensions is suitable for all curly and wavy hair; its teeth have rounded ends. It does not rip or electrify hair.

wood comb for curly hair
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