Long Hair Treatment: SPA Enzymetherapy

Our body contains a huge number of enzymes.


Enzymes stimulate, accelerate and maintain the cell renewal of the human body and particularly the absorption of essential nourishing elements.


Unfortunately, with time passing,  a large number of this important enzymes get lost and so the cell renewal becomes weaker and slower.


The Tecna  research laboratories believe that by supplying new Essential Enzymes, damaged hair can metabolize the nourishing elements contained in cosmetic products more rapidly, guaranteeing  surprising results.


Due to this revolutionary discovery, Tecna created the first Enzyme Therapy for hair for an exclusive professional use.

This service inverts hair’s deterioration caused by chemical processes or by an excessive use of heat instruments like blow dryer and/or flattening/curling irons.


This therapy completely renews the damaged hair structure improving immediately hair’s conditions and reintegrating all fundamental components contained in its natural structure.


Eliminates porosities, guaranteeing  a major resistance of hair during future chemical processes.


SPA is a rapid treatment and can be personalized on each client, based on the different hair deterioration. The results obtained can easily be maintained with the home therapy.

Why Choosing SPA

SPA Enzymetherapy is the first professional therapy for reconstruction of damaged hair formulated with the latest enzymatic technology supported by the exclusive ingredient Coenzyme Q10.







Long and Healthy Hair

Fast & Healthy Growth

Protected Hair from Heat Damages

Scalp Rejuvenator

SPA Scalp Rejuvenator - Hygenizing Scalp Treatment

Deep scalp purifier. Eliminates all types of residues and toxins thanks to the action of the AHA fruit acids. Gives a pleasant freshness and wellness feeling on the scalp. Hair remains clean for a longer time. Anti ageing action.


How to use.: shake well before use. Apply on scalp and massage gently. Leave in for 3/5 minutes. Proceed with the SPA shampoo and rinse abundantly.


Available Size: 150 ml

Hair Growth Stimulator

Stimulating treatment for hair growth. Nourishes the hair bulb and creates the correct conditions for a healthy and vigorous hair growth. Favors the fast hair lengthening.

Anti ageing action.


How to use.: Shake well before use. Apply on scalp and massage gently. Allow a few minutes for complete absorption.

Do not rinse out.


Available Size: 100 ml

SPA Scalp Rejuvenator - Trattamento Cutaneo Igienizzante

Renewal Shampoo

SPA Renewal Shampoo - for damaged long Hair

Protein shampoo for fine, lifeless and chemically treated hair. Contains vegetable proteins and essentials amino acids that restore moisture and conditioning to dry and damaged hair. Hair becomes more flexible and manageable.


Instructions: Apply a small quantity of shampoo on wet hair and massage gently on scalp and through hair. Rinse and repeat if necessary.


Available Sizes: 500 - 250 - 100 ml


Mineral Base

A deep conditioning treatment for a deep Reparation of the damaged  hair  structure.  It contains Coenzyme Q10 that gives immediate softness and manageability to hair that has been damaged by  chemical and thermal  processes. Enriched with Mineral Salts that create an optimal base for the absorption of the following SPA Treatment.


Instructions: Apply after shampoo on wet hair. Gently massage and comb. Leave in  for 3/5 minutes. Rinse well and proceed with treatment.


Available Size: 200 ml


SPA Mineral Base - Mineralizing Spray for damaged long hair

Renewal Treatment

SPA Renewal Treatment - Long Hair Conditioner

An intensive reconstructing  treatment which optimally repairs the damaged hair structure from the inside. Formulated with essential Amino Acids and Proteins, the COENZYME Q10 that  nourishes, strengthens and gives shine to hair. Especially formulated for colour-treated and/or permed and/or  bleached hair. Renewal Treatment restores the natural hair structure and makes hair extremely soft and shiny.


Instructions: Apply on damp hair and work through to the ends. Leave in  for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


Available Sizes: 500 - 150 ml


Anti Oxydant Nectar

A  treatment that reconstructs the external layer of damaged hair and restores strength and elasticity. It seals hair cuticles thanks to the contained carbohydrates and essential oils and gives an extreme smoothness and shine.


Instructions: Shake well before use. Apply on damp  hair on lengths and ends. Massage through and leave in  for 3/5 minutes. Then comb through  and rinse thoroughly. Shake well before use. Do not use with heat instruments


Available Size: 150 ml


SPA Antioxydant Nectar - Cuticle Serum

Elisir of Life

SPA Elisir of Life - Nourishing oil for hair with coenzyme q10

Specific Renewal  Serum for hair treated and stressed by thermic tools. Anti-age formula with Q10 and Argan Oil; it regenerates hair and gives a healthy look and a pleasant scent throughout the day.


Instructions: Apply on damp hair before blow drying or or on dry hair to give extra shine and a pleasant scent.



Available Size: 100 ml


Sensual Shine

Shine Spray Lotion to give extra brilliance to dull and mat hair and reduces porosity. Hair becomes smooth and easy to comb. Formulated with special active ingredients that protect hair against humidity and thermal heat up to 230°C. Sensual Shine neutralizes unpleasant odors and gives hair a pleasant scent.


Instructions: Apply on damp hair as a protection against blow dryer or on  dry hair before flattening hair with irons.


Available Size: 75 ml


Sensual Shine - Shine Spray for opaque hair

Hair Lover

SPA Hair Lover - high definition spray cream

A cream fluid formulated  to improve the hydration and shape of curly and waved hair. Makes hair soft and shiny and protects it from humidity and excessive heat.


Instructions: Apply on  Damp hair. Blow dry or iron. Apply to dry hair for a daily hydration and curl shape.


Available Size: 100 ml


Silky Smooth

A light-weight Cream that facilitates smoothing of frizzy hair and enhances softness and shine. Intensive heat protection up to 230°C. Brush glides through hair and volume is instantly reduced.


Instructions: apply to damp hair prior to blow drying or to dry hair for a casual look.


Available Size: 75 ml


smoothing hair cream - protects from heat damages max 230°


coenzyme q10 icon


The excellence of anti oxidants: a healthy look for your hair. It improves the absorption of nourishing substances.
Mineral Salt Icon

Mineral Salt

Make hair stronger and improve smoothness.
Aminoacids icon

Keratin Amino Acids

Strengthen the fibre and avoid split ends.
Water Icon

Water and Lipids

Improve hair hydration for a major resistance against thermal and mechanical treatments.
Carbohydrates Icon


Improve hair shine and avoid color fading.
Aloe Vera Icon

Aloe Vera

An anti-inflammatory, anti fungal, antibiotic and regenerating element. Gives deep nourishment to scalp and hair.
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