Anti Breakage and Damage System

Superblend is a blend of 10 Natural, Bio-Certified Oils that guarantees the maximum protection to damaged hair during chemical lifting or bleaching processes.


SuperBlend mainly avoids breakage of hair exposed to chemical lifting, bleaching or coloring processes. It reduces the aggression power of technical products and it renews the internal hair fiber so improving it’s condition.

SuperBlend is easy to use: it does not change the intensity of the bleaching and it does not affect or modify the color reflexes.


SuperBlend does No need to change your working habits. Just add the recommended quantity to your product blend to obtain the best fiber quality ever and exceptional results.


Easy to Use and Apply

No More Hair Breakage

Compatible with all professional bleaching System

100% Pure and Natural Organic Oil - Certified

NO Silicons, Sulphates and Gluten

Reconstruct Damaged Hair

Respect for your Hair


Protective Oil lend Against Hair Breakage

Blend 10 is a blend of 10 protective oils that eliminate every risk of hair damages caused by aggressive bleaching  or coloring products. It does not affect the bleaching power or the covering power.

Blend 10 does NOT CONTAIN ANY SILICONS, SULPHATES AND GLUTEN.  It instantly improves the hair’s quality reconstructing the damaged areas. The results are exceptional technical services on every type of hair avoiding the risk of breakage on lengths and ends.



BLEACHING: mix 1:1 the bleaching powder with the Superblend Lifter MILK 9. Then add a dose 1:3 of BLEND 10 to the obtained blend.

Example: 60 gr of Bleaching Powder + 60 ml MILK 9 and mix. Then add 20ml of BLEND 10 and mix again until you obtain an homogeneous cream and apply on hair.

COLOR: add 20 ml of BLEND 10 for every 60 ml of Color + 60 ml of Developer and mix.



MILK9 is a bleaching milk that has to be mixed with the bleaching powder by Tecna. It has been designed to be used with the SUPERBLEND system. It allows to obtain a creamy and homogenous blend that does not drip  during process.

Enriched with Milk Proteins, Shining and Detangling elements that are essential during the bleaching process.



BLEACHING: mix 1:1 bleaching powder and MILK 9. Mix well and add BLEND 10 to the blend until you obtain a homogeneous cream. Apply on hair.


Milk9 - Bleaching Milk for Hair


Superblend Treatment - hair regenerator

Treatment is a special technical regenerating product designed to improve the quality of bleached hair.

Enriched with Natural Oils and Proteins that are similar to the hair structure. Gives a natural elasticity, smoothness and instant shine.



Apply after a chemical service. Massage on lengths and end and leave in for 3/5 minutes. Rinse.



Essential Oils for Hair

10 Essential Oils

Vitis, Argan, Limnanthes Alba, Camelia japanese, Macadamia, Oenothera, Rice, Rosa Moschata, Jojoba, Sacha Inchi.
Milk Proteins

Milk Proteins

Extremely Nuorishing, gives extra body to your Hair.
Karité Butter

Karité Butter

Gives Elasticity and high Hydratation to Hair, whil òprotecting from the Sun.
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