Anti Hair Loss Therapy

A series of exclusive  vanguard synergic products for all kind of hair thinning out or loss for both men and women.

A formulation based on natural ingredients that are technologically advanced and do not have any contraindications. They do not contain any PVP or other polymers or silicons that suffocate the natural skin transpiration.

The products of the MC2 Line act efficiently empowering and improving the microcirculation and so preventing hair thinning out that is caused by undernourishment of the bulb.


The strategy to fight hair loss is based on a synergic action of particularly active substances that allow a better anchorage to scalp, inside and outside.

The MC2 Therapy helps in all organic weakness stadium caused by stress, diets, medicines, pregnancy or too aggressive cosmetic treatments: these are all elements that may cause hair loss or hair fragility in both men and women.



Symbiotic ultra-strengthening treatment for fragile hair

improves scalp’s elasticity

stimulates micro circulation for a healthy hair growth

increases hair diameter

visible results against thinning out

Eliminates toxins that are responsible for suffocation of the hair follicle


Mc2 Hair Strengthening Shampoo

mc2 Shampoo - Anti Hairloss Shampoo

MC2 Invigorating Shampoo: against hair thinning out or to be used in particularly stressful periods. Formulated with exclusive active ingredients it efficiently  eliminates toxins from hair and scalp creating an optimal base for a healthy hair growth.


Instructions: Apply on  wet hair and lather with a gentle massaging motion. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.


Available Sizes: 200 ml


Invigorating Follicle Man

Fights hair impairment and weakness caused by physical or psychic stress and gives a pleasant sensation of vigour and wellness.


Instructions: apply, after the shampoo, directly on scalp and massage gently until complete absorption. Do not rinse out.


Available Size: 30 ml


mc2 Follicle Man - Anti Hairloss Skin Complex


GP4G Icon


The GP4G complex, when applied on scalp, stimulates the vital functions and the production of Keratin that is essential for hair’s health and strength.
Ginseng Icon


Increases hair’s resistance and improves the microcirculation. Antioxidant action.
Caffeine Icon


Improves hair growth at the roots. Stimulates microcirculation through a direct influence on hair’s metabolism.
Tea Tree Oil icon

Tea Tree Oil

Exceptional antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti fungal qualities.
Essential Oils icon

Oli Essenziali

A complex of 12 Essential Oils that rebalance and tone up scalp and hair.
Vitamin Icon


8 Antioxidant vitamins to improve the nourishment of scalp and hair.
Proteins Icon

Hydrolyzed Proteins

Hair becomes stronger and keep styling and color for longer time.
Vegetal Extracts Icon

Botanical Extracts

Balance and hydrate scalp and give new elasticity.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids - Cosmetic Use

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

They transport the toxins from the inside up to the level of the hydrolipidic mantle; these acids help eliminating the toxins through the specific cleanser.
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